Our experienced team at Yalesville Veterinary is skilled in performing virtually any surgical procedure your pet may need. Or surgical staff is trained and experienced in the latest pet surgical procedures. We also use the services of a board certified orthopedic surgeon to perform specialized orthopedic and major soft tissue surgeries at our hospital. 

Some services include, but are not limited to:

  • Routine spay and neuter - including laparoscopic ovariectomy
  • Laparoscopic Gastropexy
  • Intestinal foreign body retrieval / exploratory surgery
  • Splenectomys
  • Mass removals
  • Cruciate ligament repairs - Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Sedated dental cleanings with or without extractions

Prior to surgery, your pet will have to complete physical exam and pre-operative blood work to evaluate his/her ability to withstand anesthesia. You will also get a chance to speak with one of our surgical technicians the day of the surgery to go over any questions or concerns that you may have. During the surgery, our surgical technician will be monitoring your pet's blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygenation to ensure that the anesthesia is as safe as possible. Once surgery is complete, you will be able to speak with our doctors and technicians who will provide you with a post-operative pain management plan that will help your pet's recovery be as smooth as possible. We will also be sure to have CARE CALLS set up to routinely check in on your pet to make sure he/she is recovering well after surgery and to answer any questions you may have. 


Dog and cat microchipping is a simple procedure. The process is similar to an injection and takes only a few seconds. No anesthetic is required, but we do offer it during our surgical procedures. A HomeAgain microchip is your pet's permanent ID. With it being only the size of a grain of rice, one of our veterinarians simply injects the microchip beneath the surface of your pet's skin between the shoulder blades, it can never be removed or become impossible to read. For more information about microchipping, learn more at HomeAgain.