End of Life

End of Life

End of Life  for your cherished pet may be a difficult time for both the pet and you, their owners.The team here at Yalesville Veterinary Hospital provides advice, support, guidance and a comfortable serene passing for your cherished companion either at our facility or in your home.  Losing a family companion can be a very devastating experience and as animal lovers ourselves, who have also lost pets, we can fully empathize with the grief you feel.

Comfort, Quality of Life and Support

Whether your pet is aging, acutely ill, injured or has a chronic disease, tough decisions and choices for pet owners regarding end of life decisions and quality of life requires thoughtful consideration and sometimes professional guidance.  Our veterinarians will provide you with compassion, honesty and answers to questions regarding options for your pet.  The doctor can develop a plan keeping in mind both the comfort of your pet as well as your family's needs and wishes. At Yalesville Vet we focus on comfort and quality of life for every patient at every age.

End of Life 

Euthanasia is never an easy decision and our compassionate team of doctors are here to help you determine when that time has come.  The doctor or another team member can review the process with you so you are fully aware of what to expect.  You may want to take some time beforehand to consider decisions that will need to be made.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with being present when their pet is euthanized.  The choice is one only you can make but if at all possible we recommend at least one family member be present so your pet is more at ease. 

You will also want to consider options for the final remains.  For most people cremation service, either communal or private, is the most elected option and a staff member will be able to review your choices with you.   

The grieving process is different for everyone and there is no right or wrong.  Try and remember the love and companionship you shared and know that you were able to give them a full life and help them when relief from suffering was needed.  There are resources for you to connect with should you feel the need for additional support.

The following websites may be helpful in coping with the loss of a pet

The following websites may be helpful in comforting other pets in the family

The following websites may be helpful in helping children cope with the loss of a pet

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