Beginning Monday, May 3, Yalesville Veterinary Hospital will begin its reopening process, starting with a soft opening.

For the time being, clients will be let in with their pets at a limited capacity, meaning only one client will be allowed in per exam and everyone who comes in will be required to wear a mask, have their temperature taken, and answer a few COVID related questions.

Upon arrival, we ask that you please still call the front desk from your car. A client service representative will ask you how you prefer to go about your appointment, either in-person, curbside using Airvet, or over the phone with your doctor. If your choice is to come into the building, the doctor will call you when they have the exam room ready and a technician will meet you at the front doors to take your temperature before escorting you and your pet directly to the room. The exam will be done in the room and once finished, a CSR will come in to bill you out directly in the room. After you have paid for your exam, you may be escorted to the lobby to wait for possible medication and/or food. Only 4 clients will be allowed in the lobby at one time and we do ask that you please stay 6 feet apart. We will have chairs that are set up to accommodate this social distancing request. Once you are ready to leave, you can exit either through the red side door or the front glass doors, depending on how many people are waiting at either one.

Unfortunately, due to the appointments being done in the treatment area, all technician appointments will still be concierge. The same goes for food and medication pickup. If your pet is not here for an appointment and you are picking up food or medication, we ask that you please call from the car and pay over the phone.

For surgery and dental drop offs, we still ask that you call from the car when you arrive in the morning, however, once your pet is checked in, you may come to the door and a CSR will take your temperature and escort you to an exam room to fill out your paperwork and hand your pet off to a technician. Once your paperwork is filled out and your pet has been taken to prep for their procedure we will have you exit through either the red side door or the front glass doors, once again depending on how many people are waiting at either one.

In the unfortunate event that your pet may require emergency assistance, we will allow one owner in the building, escorted directly to the exam room after their temperature is taken where the same protocol will be followed as if it were a regular appointment. For unscheduled emergencies, owners will be allowed to wait in the lobby if all of the exam rooms are full.

To ensure that all of our clients and staff stay as healthy and safe as possible, every exam room, as well as the lobby, have been outfitted with an UV air purifier and all areas of the hospital will be disinfected and cleaned regularly. Exam rooms will be thoroughly disinfected between every appointment. All staff are required to wear a mask and as stated earlier, social distancing rules will be in effect.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!